10 ways to Eradicate Poverty

Eradicate PovertyPoverty can only be eradicated if it’s looked as a problem of humanity, not just of third world countries. Collectively, we can remove poverty from its root by taking the following steps:

Strong Economic Policies

Most of the economic policies sound too good in theory, but fail in its practical execution. Our economic policies need to be carefully analysed.

Stop Propagating Wars

The biggest paradox of existence on earth is man-made wars. These wars cost a lot of money and if people would stop killing each other, eradicating poverty won’t take much time.

Support Each Individual Equally

It’s crucial that we get rid of labels, and look at each individual equally. Classicism is the biggest discrepancy in human existence. Starting from the moment a child is born, a child is classified as rich/poor and so on.

Create Equal Opportunities

It’s task of the government to act responsibly towards creation of job opportunities for people of all communities and age bracket.

Pay Taxes

Rich people should pay taxes instead of hiding their money in tax havens.

Choose Your Government Wisely

As voters, we should consider ourselves lucky to vote and make our decisions wisely. It does make a lot of difference.

Waste Management

The generation of waste each year is alarming considering the number of poor people on our planet. It’s about time we use our resources judiciously instead of indulging in blind consumption.

Culture of Encouragement

People should constantly encourage each other and learn the art of compassion. If you have more than you need, please feel lucky to share it with those in need.

Dismantling Materialism

Reject the culture of materialism, and do not judge yourselves on the basis of the wealth you have accumulated.

Embracing Minimalism

Minimalism is the art of living by using as little as possible. It involves zero waste and keeps your life clutter free.