About the Website

In this website, you will find substantial information about the status of poverty worldwide. Poverty is one of the biggest challenges of modern society and to an extent, each and every part of the world is affected by it.

Around the world, there is a major need to get to the root causes of poverty through interdisciplinary researches. A status of poverty is largely reflected by the socio-economic status of the country, and therefore, there is a complex relationship between sociology and economics. After extensive research on the subject, it has been found that some aspects of human thinking also contributes to poverty. In this website, you can read about such researches.

The website contains comprehensive evaluation of the raging issue of poverty. In the beginning, you can read about the status of hunger and world poverty and find out the leading causes behind it. Inequality and injustice has always been embedded in the many systems of human society. You can find out that there are problems within the operation of several systems such as government, capitalism and so on. Much reflection needs to be done in re-building a system and culture of equality and justice.

However, poverty in developed countries is more under control in comparison to poverty in the developing world. In this website, you can understand the major challenges of the developing world and learn about the immediate measures needed to control the situation of hunger and homelessness.

Read on to find out the battle of need vs. greed, a psychological component of poverty.