Greed vs. Need

Greed vs. NeedHuman beings are torn between the culture of fulfilling their needs and rapidly growing greed. The greed is not just confined to having more than necessary but it also involves having as much material wealth as possible so as to appear rich and wealthy in society.

According to a recent study, human’s need to attain as much wealth as possible has been broken down to their characteristic of being a social animal. Let’s face it, people love all the attention they can get, and being rich and wealthy is one of the easiest way to be popular and seek attention. Undoubtedly, this aspect of human behaviour has been extensively commercialised. Therefore, across the world there is a solid need of commercialisation, and it is also one of the reason for such an immense success of commodification of almost each and everything possible.

Such an outrage of commercialisation has led to lack of sympathy and empathy among people. People automatically degrade and look down upon the poor, criticise them for their inability to be clever, and feel superior for their achievements. Corporations are constantly seeking to produce mechanical human beings, beings who are just as ready as everyone to take part in the competition and indulge in passive aggressive behaviour towards their fellow beings.

For example, schoolchildren value themselves by their material possessions. The age of moralistic values and science is slowly diminishing. The demarcation and classism begins in schools and colleges which further moves on to the work environment. Schools and colleges should implement equality in their curriculums too, and look for the hidden messages that they communicate to the children through their unconscious teaching methodologies.

Solutions to poverty looks far-fetched when we encounter people competing and killing for wealth on a daily basis. To begin with, compassion will be the first step in eradicating poverty from its roots.