How Do Poverty Affect Education

Nowadays, education is one of the most important fundamental parts of a modern working society. All the parts of a system are linked to each other. Without proper education a country can suffer losses in its industrial efficiency, health care system, government and last but not least , it’s cultural values, therefore loosing its identity as a nation. The lack of education is a fact in enormous parts of the World’s population, mostly concentrated in the poor countries from the so-called “Third World”. How do you expect people, who don’t have access to clean water, to lock their attention on learning?

shutterstock_142055401Education over poverty

Ofcourse, poverty can not be the only reason for the lack of education. Realizing that ignorance won’t get you far and over poverty, is key to important changes. As simple as that, without educating yourself and working hard for a cause, you can not expect to get a system working properly. A real fact and proof of a person who has realized that no matter the harsh financial conditions he is placed into, is a William Kamkwamba. Living in the Republic of Malawi, he has managed to educate himself and has even built a windmill, to supply electricity to his house. Education is key, check with to assure yourself.

The benefits of education

The human species is known for its curiosity, always pushing its limits to learn and pursue new truths and knowledge. To assure the prosperity of it’s kind, humanity needs to take more attention to the significance of education. Poverty is killing and ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of people from all kinds of nations and ethnicity. A lot more money should be invested in education, due to its ability to give a lot more in return – a sane and clever mind, leading to a possible better tomorrow. Use every day to learn something new and most importantly, to teach others what you have learned.