Inequality is the Biggest Injustice

InequalityInequality is the biggest injustice in our society and poverty is the result of such phenomenon. Economic systems all across the world are perpetuating unequal distribution of resources and wealth. Truth be told, only a certain section of society is responsible for such an outbreak of poverty because this section only believes in accumulating wealth in order to achieve a powerful position. Capitalist economies believe in maximising the wealth of the shareholders, which means making the rich person even richer. According to a recent study, the composition of wealth distribution is quite alarming. The wealthy people constitute of one percent of the global population, and they are so wealthy that they have to hide their wealth in tax havens.

Many people are able to reach at this position of wealth accumulation simply by avoiding paying taxes to their respective countries. We all pay taxes for the betterment of the society and the country we live in, and obviously the developing world has more number of tax avoiders in comparison to the developed world. For example, in a country like India or Peru, wealth lies between the ten percent of its population while ninety percent of the population struggles on a daily basis to make the ends meet.

It all comes down to the psychology of participating in a competition and creating unnecessary rat races. We all have right to live our lives equally. Competition and capitalism creates barriers within the different channels of society. If there is an embedded competition to be superior among humans, it is obvious that it will degrade people to subhuman tendencies. We are increasingly becoming less and less empathetic towards our fellow beings due to our metaphorical blindness and urge to be at the top. We live in a constant state of comparison, and equality feels like a barrier. This needs to change.