Towards Eradication of Evil

get rid of povertyHow can we completely lift people out of poverty? How long has it been since we started eradicating poverty? There have been various measures and factors experimented and found, but what is the conclusion? The main actions would be reducing the proportion of people living on less than a Dollar a day, reducing the proportion of people who suffer from hunger and reducing poverty that starts with malnourished children. As we know that poverty is passed from one generation to the next, it is necessary to break the cycle of poverty, and to do so we need to increase the quality of education, provide children with the required knowledge and life skills with which they can realise their full potential, and do everything that is indispensable to create change in a child’s life.

The main question of how to get rid of poverty is the question of which type of development is best suited for the task. According to the dominant model of development that arose during the post-War era, economic growth has been considered the best way to eradicate poverty. Furthermore, privatizing community assets, deregulating markets, removing barriers to free trade and investment, and protecting intellectual property rights best promote economic growth. But development has failed to curb the underlying causes of global poverty. Also, greater equity, more evenhandedness in economic production, and augmented ownership of land cannot only release unharmed productive capabilities, it is the most effective way to make an economy free from poverty and hunger too.

Across the world, governments should implement compulsory education programs, where people are being taught the value of education and guidance to survival. Each human being has the potential to sustain themselves, it is just that they lack access to vocational training. It is the duty of the skilled to teach the unskilled, and in the case of poverty, the duty lies within the domain of the leader, which is the government.