Where in the world is poverty the worst?

Poverty in Africa is very much a real thing, but at the same time, unbeknownst to many. There are also many people who are living good, rich lives in the African countries. Many African countries are indeed ahead of the Western world when it comes to economic growth and Africa is doing well in closing the gap. But of course, some countries are still suffering from poverty and it’s important to understand the dynamics behind this. Education, for example, is one of the key reasons why some African countries have managed to move away from poverty, while others haven’t.

shutterstock_228253357What about poverty in England?

Despite the financial prosperity of England as a country, too many people are living in poverty like conditions. This is something, which is especially hurting children, who are lacking the material goods needed for living a good life. Getting a degree in social studies, so that you can work with children living in poverty is something, that many people choose to do. Others, might wish to fight poverty on a more structural level and choose to study politics or economics instead. Whatever the degree of choice is, one can easily apply at schoolapply.ng. Those with financial trouble can easily apply for scholarships.

Why education is a pill against poverty

One often hears, that education is the most successful pill against poverty. But why is it so? First and foremost, education will make people make better choices. Secondly and also of great importance, is that education helps building social structures and institutions, that will benefit democracy. Democracy is the key to fair economic development, that benefits everyone living in a poor country and not just the political and economic elite. This is the reason why, western countries are investing millions in the education systems of African and Asian countries. In many countries, schools will also provide warm meals to those who can’t afford them at home.